Ten Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Six

In the past 5 months there has been little action in my dating life.  I have stayed on some dating sites, and by some I mean two, but the quality of the guys on them is terrible.  I admit I can be very picky but there has to be someone out there that meets most of the qualities I’m looking for.

After quite some time without any hint of a date, I decided that I would join Match once again and see if there were any new guys on there.  It’s been a year since I got on Match the first time.  The first thing I saw when I rejoined was the number of guys that have looked at my profile over the past year.  See, once you disable your profile, you profile is still view-able but you just cannot see the action.  10,256 guys have viewed my online dating profile on Match.  Suuuriously?!?! That’s a ton of guys.  You would think out of ten thousand guys, I would like one of them.  NOPE.  Not a one of ’em.

I have talked to a fair amount of guys over the past 5 months but nothing ever comes of it.  That’s almost more annoying that bad dates.  Repeating my story a billion times to someone I will never meet.  It’s exhausting.  Not to mention the emotions that come with the let down.  I’ve learned to not be interested until I actually go on a date.  What’s the point of having emotions if they are only going to be let down in the end? That makes me sound like I’m not giving anyone their fair chance, but I’ve found it to be easier not to care until something really happens.

Ten thousand two hundred fifty six guys and not a one of them have sparked my interest…

On to the next.


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