I have a fish that I just can’t seem to communicate with very well.  We have wonderful conversations and plans dates, but they always seem to fall through.  I get slightly frustrated because there is a fine line that I do not want to cross too early.  The nagging girl line.  I have not and never want to be the girl that nags a guy into things or certain situations.  I expressed this to the fish as well.  He of course said I could never nag him, but I also want him to go out on a date with me because he wants to, not because I nagged him into it.

Communication is such an important aspect of online dating and more importantly written communication.  Unfortunately, written communication is so difficult to “read” from someone you have never met or have only met once.  With this fish, I have met him once for about an hour, but other than that I have to read into what he says with how I think he’s meaning it or how I want it to mean.  This poses a huge issue only because I take what he’s saying one way and he’s meaning it a totally different way.  For instance, we planned a date for this past Saturday and he was waiting on me to say I was ready and I was waiting on him, so we ended up not doing anything because we were both waiting on each other to say something first.  Frustrating…

I always say I don’t give too many chances but with this fish I’ve given a couple.  We both seem to be very busy with our careers which is completely understandable.   It just sucks when we can’t seem to fit our schedules to hang out and then we do something stupid like not say what we want to because we don’t know how the other is going to interpret it.

I am hoping to go on a date with this fish soon.  He seems like a wonderful guy who has a great head on his shoulders.  I can’t help but think if I pass this up what I’d be missing.  I’m hoping that my crazy schedule can make something happen soon.  Fingers crossed.



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