Creepers…Creepers Errrrwhere

On this free dating site, it has become quite the challenge replying to the multiple emails I am receiving.  I understand that being on a free site will attract all sorts of individuals and more than likely I will only respond to one out of every 20 incoming emails.  Sounds harsh but I am including some pictures right off my app to show you how ridiculous these emails can be.

Most of the emails are “Hey” or “How’s it going” but then there are some like this…

photo 1

Then there are those man children that just won’t give up…

photo 2

Now you’d think if you were going to reach out to someone a second time, you’d write something slightly different.. be original!


It looks rude not responding but if you don’t feel a connection with their profile, you won’t feel a connection with them.  Sounds weird right? If there is something on their profile that doesn’t appeal to me, why would I waste either of our time? I’ve tried responding to be nice before, and that just went no where for either of us…

Let’s move on to profile pictures.  Man children are TERRIBLE at putting up pictures.  For instance…

Let’s show off my abs and pubic area! GROSS!!! Toooooo Much Information yo.

photo 1

Ok so the cat is funny, but to be the only picture on your profile = I’m not interested.

photo 2

The bad A showing off the tat…TOOL (yes that is their profile picture oh and only picture…)

photo 4

The man child bathroom selfie…

photo 5

And then there are the man children who have never seen a picture of themselves therefore don’t put on on their profile…

photo 3

Really?!?! Of course I’m not going to respond! You don’t have a face!

I obviously have responded to some people who are attractive with good personalities and I understand that I shouldn’t read into their profile pictures like I do, but how can you not? I’d be in a world of tool bag man children if I responded to people with the above profile pictures!


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