Shotgun Betty’s

On Wednesday, January 22nd I met “Andy” at a bar on a very very extremely cold night.  The bar was a country bar called Shotgun Betty’s.  I didn’t know what I was about to get myself into.  I even wore Fuggs (Fake Uggs) to a country bar.  Judge me.

We met at 10:00pm which was wayyyy past my bedtime, but I was excited.  He pulled up in his truck.  Nerves hit real quick.  He was actually one of the first guys who looked exactly like his profile pictures.  We both had to pee so we went to the bathrooms first before getting a drink.  Yes, everyone was staring at my Fuggs but hashtag YOLO.  I was warm and that’s all that mattered.  So after the potty sesh, we grabbed a table and got some drinks.

I got a Michelob Ultra and he got a PBR.  Gross but it was better than the Wild Turkey he was talking about.  We struck up a conversation and it was going great.  I believe there was only one awkward silence which is pretty good for a first date! We got up at some point and picked out some music.  He is slightly on the country side and we were at a country bar so we chose country music.

We listened to the songs and talked some more before I decided I needed to get home and get to bed.  He walked me to the car like a gentleman and kissed me goodnight.  I know kinda crazy for a first date but again hashtag YOLO.

We planned another date for tonight.  Something like dinner and drinks.  We’ll see how tonight plays out!


One thought on “Shotgun Betty’s

  1. Im so excited your dating again! I love reading these post! It’s always the highlight of my day!! Love you hope your find your fish 🙂

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