There’s that saying that your best friends are your sole mates and that boys are just there to have fun with.  I totally agree with this statement.  There’s no one that knows me better than my best friends.  After looking for the cookie cake pictures, I scrolled through pictures of Angela, Jessica and I and couldn’t help but want to write about them.

They’ve been there for me through the past 5 years more than anyone and I couldn’t be more greatful for them.  It was definitely fate for us to go to college at the same place.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such great biffles.

zeta 7 ang's wedding birthday 3 dying hair freshman halloween my birthday rock a thon skating smalley's wedding social social 5 spring break us us 3 us 5 zeta zeta 2 zeta 3 zeta 4 zeta 5 zeta 6


One thought on “Biffles

  1. ;;love love this bri bri and love love you and couldn’t be more happy to call you my best friend!! miss you lots now get back to south carolina please so we can take more of these cute pictures together! 🙂

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